Special Occasions



Take a sightseeing or a leisure tour, whatever floats your boat!

We make arrangements for special occasions such as bellow, or any other special event.

Contact us and we will do everything to accommodate your needs, to our best
of efforts.

Wedding Proposal

Want to propose in one of the most romantic settings in the world?

Sail the Blue Yachting is here for you! We will work with you in confidence in order to plan a romantic sunset proposal.

Picture this – a wonderful candle-lit dinner, the sun setting over a magical landscape, your skipper making sure you get the best views possible. We take care of the distractions, so you can muster up your strength to pop the question!

Bachelor / Bachelorette parties

 If your plan is to create a unique experience for your bachelor or bachelorette party, look no further. Renting a boat and taking your celebration out to the water is the way to go!

Venture out in the open seas and a spend a full day cruising with a view. Local beachfront tavernas accessible by the water will cater to your every need. Take a swim in the crystal blue waters, listen to your favorite music and enjoy a day without the stress that wedding planning brings. We vouch you will never feel more relaxed.


Honeymoon, the most relaxing part of your wedding!

The happiest day of your life, could only be followed by the most mesmerizing trip you will ever take. We at Sail the Blue Yachting will work with you beforehand to create a personalized trip you will never forget. Whether you want to relax with a glass of champagne and fresh locally produced fruit, or take a more adventurous trip – with scuba diving, hiking and exploring – we have you covered. A professional skipper with inside knowledge on the most private and secluded beaches will discreetly guide you to a stress-free honeymoon, while our hostess, will be making sure you are comfortable, fed, and well taken care of. 

Take time to enjoy the sunset on the upper deck, with nothing to tire your eyes but the endless blue waters. Whether you choose a sail or motor yacht, Sail the Blue will make sure your trip is a dream come true!

Corporate events

  • Appreciation Events
    A private cruise party, as an appreciation event, provides the ultimate relaxing atmosphere, with a friendly environment, creating capabilities for networking. If your goal is to make an investment into lasting relationships with your clients and staff, this is the real go-to. We at Sail the Blue Yachting, will help manage what is best for your company.
  • Team-building events
    Team-building events aim to help business managers build stronger teams. Though a wide range of activities, Sail the Blue Yachting, will help you exercise and strengthen your corporate team’s social ties.
  • Incentive trips
    Entertain and reward staff by creating some unforgettable memories. While you are overseas, Sail the Blue Yachting will rise to the challenge by planning a successful incentive trip and have everything prepared for you so you can also enjoy your time here.


Birthday celebration

Want some cake?

We got it! Enjoy your birthday, big or small, on your private boat.
Guests will never forget this experience, and neither will you. Take a day or a week to celebrate with your friends and family. The picturesque beaches and crystal-clear waters will provide entertainment while the sundecks will provide relaxation. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!