Where to go and what to see…


Corfu, the land of the ancient Phaecians, as mentioned in the Odyssey, is the multicultural capital of the Ionian Islands. Featured in Gerald Durrel’s “My family and other animals”, the greenest of all the Ionian Islands paired with its heavy Venetian and English influence, makes for some unique landmarks that are a must see for all visitors. Charterers have the option of staying in one of towns most central harbours and spend the day exploring the historic city, part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Around the island you will find isolated coves and larger, crowded beaches with beach bars, tavernas and water-sports. It is highly recommended you take the time to explore not only Corfu but the Diapontia Isles as well. Othoni, Erikoussa and Mathraki are a favourite destination amongst mariners, ideal for diving, fishing and exploration of trails. Peaceful and quiet these islands offer visitors a unique connection with nature.

Paxos and Antipaxos

The place with intense cosmopolitan style. One of the worthiest places to visit, there is a reason Paxos is so popular within the yachting community. Vivid green and serene pool-like blue waters make this one of the most memorable places you will ever lay eyes upon. Sunset from the white cliffs of Eremitis, plentiful caves to explore and hikes to historic cisterns, Paxos and Antipaxos is a paradise that marries graphic surrounds with nobility.


Ithaca, the home of Odysseys in Homer’s Odyssey, is an island of massive historical significance. It is a magical island full of history, and beautiful beaches. Two large peninsulas connected by a narrow isthmus and dotted with cliffs, steep mountains and extensive olive grove. Ithaca – an inspiration for many poems and bards’ songs – lies right next to the isle of Lefkas, small yet of great value to the Greeks. A must-visit for people seeking tranquility and reflection, looking to discover their own little private Ithaca – a home away from home.


The largest of the Ionian Islands, the cosmopolitan Kefalonia, with its endless private beaches and bays of unmatched beauty. Azure waters and dark green mountains directly contradict each other in order to create a stunning one-of-a-kind island. A substantial number of endemic and rare species have had some areas declared a site of the Nature 2000 network. A perfect destination for people seeking popular lively places to visit, as well as naturists looking to spot some extraordinary species


Lefkas, internationally acclaimed for its exotic beaches with its lively blue waters and glorious beaches, is considered the Caribbean of Greece. A sophisticated capital with easy access to the mainland (the island is linked to the mainland via a small bridge). Visit Lefkas and immerse to a magical world.


Parga, on the coast of the mainland, is an idyllic resort that combines mountain and sea. Hidden in a bay, this busy port is one of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan points of northwestern Greece. Historical sightseeing adjacent to gold beaches with crystal blue waters. Enjoy a swim in the many private bays and islets surrounding the port of Parga and indulge in a wonderful meal in the plenty tavernas and cafeterias found at the beachfront.


Zante, a favorite holiday destination. Sea turtles, white sandy beaches and party around the clock. Dubbed “The Flower of the East” by the Venetians, home of the Navagio beach, one of the most famous and most photographed beaches in Europe. A perfect destination for scuba divers – with its countless underwater caves – in the company of sea turtles.